Survey House
& associates
Save time and money!
Survey House provides targeted survey development and execution on the behalf of clientele. Your time is valuable – we can save you time and money by taking over your project from start to finish. We row, you steer.

Get it done online!
Survey House conducts all of its surveys securely online, eliminating paper surveys, reducing the errors, and making data entry obsolete. The result is faster and more reliable surveys with higher response rates.

Keep it simple!
Survey House keeps it simple, from start to finish. We make sure your questions will produce results, so your report or study is solid from the start.

"With a little input from me, they produced a survey that was user friendly for my clients to provide feedback and provided a report that summarized the results. The final report highlighted areas of strength and areas for improvement based on the feedback. It is my experience that most advisors who send client surveys never take the final step to tabulate the results and adjust their practices accordingly. Survey House does this for you!
- Tom C. Hunter, CFP, CIM, FCSI (Investment Advisor)

"Survey House provided a high level of survey expertise for my consultation projects, quickly turning around my paper based data into tangible analyses and results that could be easily included into my deliverables and final reports. I highly recommend them."
- Dr. Robert Blunden (Blunden & Associates)