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Survey House understands that the professional services industry caters to different clientele groups, and therefore requires different survey needs. At the same time, we know that client satisfaction is key to building long term loyalty and profitably in any business, and getting to know your clients and their experiences with yours services is essential to either maintaining them, or improving them.

Conducting your survey annually or bi-annually will give you insights into any changes you need to make and how best to focus your time and energy in servicing your clients. As a local company, we can dedicate the time to sit down with you to assess your business requirements, and scale our customized survey platform to fit your unique needs – the goal is to demonstrate you care, and deepen your client relationships across your entire business client portfolio.

Our Process…
  Survey consultation
  Generation of survey questions
  Survey goes ‘live’   view sample
  Analysis and delivery of survey results in visual presentation

  Tom C. Hunter, CFP, CIM, FCSI - Investment Advisor
  Blunden & Associates
  Kisserup International Trade Roots Inc
  Boston Pizza
  Maverick Communications
  Kent Field Estates